AROMATHERAPY:  Plant therapy goodness and all things aroma.

Certified and insured Clinical Aromatherapist:  Consultations, bespoke products, natural (organic when possible) full range formulations: aromatics, skin (face and body), home/environment, laundry products, and soap.  

AYURVEDIC NATURAL FACELIFT MASSAGE:  Holistic transcendental lift on multiple planes, mind body and spirit.

Certified, celebrated, and insured:  Sculpting the face and neck back in time naturally while you nap, holding space for the mind, body, and spirit to heal themselves.  Covered by some insurance - check with your doctor - you may need a referal.  By appointment only.  On location/at home sessions available.  60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, and daily rate.  Prices vary by location.

BOTANICALS:  Plant based holistic beauty, natural perfume, skincare, soap.

Certified and insured Clinical Aromatherapist: Customized holistic handmade plant beauty and wellness.  Aromatics, bath and bathing ritual, custom formulation, energetics, inhalants, natural perfume, natural skin care, soap (bespoke organic).  Home products, custom cleaning and laundry, energetic room sprays.  Prices vary and upon request.  

Debut credit for Candice Forness Botanicals in W Magazine 2023 V4 "Name on the Door:  Michael Kors

CREATIVE VISIONARY:  accessing and elevating the objective by holistically envisioning the tangible creative manifestation of it.

FATE: fāt/ verb 1. be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way.

CROWN POLISH / AYURVEDIC CHAMPISSAGE: Multidimensional head, neck, shoulder massage with facial marma point stimulation.  Certified and insured:  divine head, neck, shoulder massage with facial marma point stimulation and energetics all while seated.  Incredibly relaxing, fantastic for tension headaches, stress, sleep issues, shoulder and neck tension, hair loss, and general exhaustion.  40- 60 minutes price varies by location.  

ENERGY ARTS:  Bio energy facilitator, IET (Integrative Energy Therapy) Advanced Practitioner, Integrative Thanatology, Reiki Master Teacher.  Holistic energetic care for the spirit and soul, from birth to death and everything in between.

Certified and insured: Covered by insurance accepting Complementary Medicine Codes (registered provider with NPI (National Provider Identifier) and NPPES (National Plan & Provider Enumeration System) . Trained to hold space for the subtle energies. Providing an environment for clients to heal themselves. Sessions starting at $150 an hour. 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, and daily rates.  In person and distance sessions available. 

MAKEUP ART AND MENS GROOMING:  Fine Art/International dance tour trained/assisted/ and insured:  Make up art and mens grooming with skin care, light hair upon request. Available for stills, motion, and event. NYC based, US and international.  Portfolio, and client lists.  Session and daily rates available.

SHIRODHARAShiro (head) dhara (flow).  An Ayurvedic Indian therapy involving energy elements with pineal gland drip.

Trained by Ayurvedas World, insured:  Energetic relaxation treatment involving subtle energetic work combined with a pineal gland drip.  DIVINE.  Hydrotherapy, oil drip, and custom options available.  Prices upon request.


"A scientific discipline that examines death from many perspectives.  Physical, ethical, spiritual, medical, sociological, and psychological."  

Essentially a holistic study and approach to death, dying, grief, loss, and change from multiple angles.

*15 minute free remote consultation:  questions and compatibility check

* 60 minute sessions:  in person and online $150

* 60 minute with aromatherapy product / olfactory perception shift: $175

* 60 with Ayurvedic facelift massage:  $250 (on location price available travel - time included) 

* 90 minute with Ayurvedic facelift massage: $350 (on location price available - travel time included)

* 60 minute with Ayurvedic Crown Polish (head massage): $180 (on location price available - travel time included)

* Daily, location, and bundled rates upon request







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