Achieve the results of a facelift naturally, retraining the facial muscles effectively lifts them up.

The first sessions results last approximately a week, the second about 2 weeks. As the muscles build memory. For optimum lifting, 6-8 sessions weekly are recommended, with monthly sessions to maintain.

Face and neck reflect our lives - mind busier that body. How do we age gracefully? Naturally? And still look our best?


A simple effective beauty technique lifting the face, mind, and spirit, based in Ayurveda - the science of life.

This treatment is a holistic solution combining elements from acupressure, marma point stimulation, Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral, polarity therapy, reiki (certified master teacher), grief counseling (certified), Ayurvedic head massage, and yoga.

Gently unwinding, lifting, and retraining the muscles against gravity. Systematically addressing them from the forehead to the neck. Draining toxins, promoting collagen regrowth, and increasing circulation. Resulting in amazing physical, mental, and energetic benefits.


It is my pleasure to hold space for your regenerative tranquility.  Rolling back time while you nap.

The majority of the senses reside in the face. It is how we perceive the world. We are all facing reality, facing time, and most importantly facing ourselves. How are you caring for this delicate armor perceiving your existence?


face massage

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Intention: it is my intention to increase the quality of our lives for my highest good and the highest good of all.  

Allergies?  Any injuries I need to know about?  Face?  Neck?  Head?  Intentions?  Specific requests?

Preparation: statement of intention, tapping in on a cellular level lowering blood pressure and heart beat with gentle sensory deprivation of eyes, ears, and crown chakra. The system is now to ready to relax.  

Head cradle.  8 to 11 pounds of your skull gently lifted off your spine.  Effortlessly supported by my relaxed cupped hands.  Not just the skull - but all the thoughts and feelings.  Effortlessly support we will deep breath rest and digest breaths until the system settles in.  

Holistic questions:  How are you sleeping?  How is your hydration?  Diet?  Exercise?  Anything specific I need to know?  These questions plant seeds of self care. 

Lightly stimulating the marma points (where consciousness meet matter in the East / the super highways of the veins the West) freshly oxygenating the brain.

Gently massaging connective tissue, allowing tension and wrinkles to diminish. Helping the body to detoxify, stimulating collagen regrowth, and improving circulation.

Delicate palpitation of the face and neck muscles. Sculpting, unwinding, lifting, retraining the muscles. Creating a natural glowing facelift.

Releasing toxins with lymphatic drainage.  Assisting the immune system, reducing puffiness / sinus congestion, releasing natural dopamine and serotonin.


30 minute mini:  face massage for specific needs, children, time challenged, amazing for spectrum.  $150 in studio 

60 minutes facelift massage:  full facelift massage treatment with head massage.  $220 in studio, $500 at yours 

90 minutes Vogue favorite:  full facelift massage treatment including head massage with additional energy work - usually heart cradle.  $300 in studio, $750 at yours

120 minutes:  full facelift massage treatment including head massage with additional custom energy work.  $440 in studio $900 at yours

Daily rates available and sliding scale upon request.

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