AROMATHERAPY:  aroma / smell   +  therapy / treatment =  the use of plant aromatics to increase our health and wellness, plant therapy

AROMATHERAPIST:  one who specializes in the practice of using plant aromatics  to increase health and wellbeing

AROMATIC:  fragrant, pleasant smells 

BOTANICAL:  relating to plants

Shifting perception with aromatics.  

Scent is incredibly powerful.  Transporting us immediately, like no other sense can.  Memories tapped into so quickly, new memories made in a blink of an eye.

Used therapeutically it can be equally pleasurable and healing.  Straight to the brain - in an instant - we have created space for ourselves.  Our reality updated.  A perception shift.  And this power is at our disposal.  We can utilize it to create instantaneous change.  Whenever and wherever we need it.  Empowered.  Sometimes that is all we need, to switch gears for a moment, to gain perspective.  

That sunlit lemon grove you went to on vacation that sent your heart soaring?  It released gorgeous happy hormones in the body and left a memory print.  Which can be tapped into, releasing those chemicals reliving that moment, anytime - anywhere.  With a beautiful organic lemon essential oil inhalant for example.  Reflecting on that fantastic time capsule, giving you precious space, a new view on your your current reality.  Meanwhile lemon has medicinal properties especially in inhalant form going directly into an airway.  It is an antidepressant and an antiseptic, along with being an immune enhancer and a detoxifier just to name a few. Refreshing, cleansing, calming yet revitalizing.  Sunshine in essential oil form. 

I love scent.  One of my favorite toys growing up was a perfume maker.  I'm living one of my childhood dreams creating magic from the garden for us to increase our quality of life.  Continuing a family legacy of a love of plant life and the service of care.

Bespoke, exquisite, natural and organic elixirs.  For spirit, soul, mind, body, and environment.  Hand crafted just for you, for who you are and what you need right now.  Plant therapy, custom scents, and formulations created by a certified Clinical / Professional level Aromatherapist (New York Institute of Aromatic Studies), Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Facelift Masseuse, Certified Integrative Thanatologist (grief/death counseling), and Makeup Artist / Mens Groomer - all insured.  

What can I make for you?  Lets increase your quality of life!


- Sessions / Consultations starting at $125 

- Custom scents and formulations    


Consultation:  A detailed conversation about the clients intention.  What are we addressing?  The clients needs, concerns, presenting condition, and expectations.  Relevant health information including allergies, possibly medications (depending on the intention), and history.  Holistic questions concerning sleep, hydration, diet, exercise, and anything they deem relevant to divulge.  Also questions for scent profiling.

Goal:  A plan and method of care considering all known variables.

Delivery / Instructions:  Details on use of product/products for opimum benefits.  

Follow up and results:  Client response and progress.


The magic starts with an NDA (non disclosure agreement).  Lets get private shall we?  And go from there.  What are we making?!

*Below is the editorial debut of Candice Forness Botanicals in W Magazine 2023 V4 "Name on the Door:  Michael Kors!  I custom blended skin care formulas specifically to use to groom him (he looks GREAT). 

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