The Art of Dying:  Integrative Thanatology

"A scientific discipline that examines death from many perspectives.  Physical, ethical, spiritual, medical, sociological, and psychological."  

Essentially a holistic study and approach to living and dying and everything in between from multiple angles.

Counseling /


A restructured approach to end of life, grief, loss, and change.  Using a broader set of tools for various levels of care.  Ideal for this historically unprecedented time. 

Care for the full spectrum of energetics from birth, living, to dying.  An updated education in the ability to hold space for the "uncomfortable" in all forms.

In person, on location, remote sessions available.  Adults, children, families, groups.  Sliding scale upon request.

Offerings / Services

* 15 minute free remote consultation:  questions and compatibility check

* 60 minute sessions:  in person and online $150

* 60 minute with aromatherapy product / olfactory perception shift: $175

* 60 with Ayurvedic facelift massage:  $250 (on location price available travel - time included) 

* 90 minute with Ayurvedic facelift massage: $350 (on location price available - travel time included)

* 60 minute with Ayurvedic Crown Polish (head massage): $180 (on location price available - travel time included)

* Daily, location, and bundled rates upon request.

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