Alicia Keys, Artist

“I just had this glow. I thought, ‘Well, that was kind of amazing.’”

Dick Page, Makeup Artist

"Ninety minutes later, I peel myself up off the bed and Forness hands me a mirror and I understand why one of her clients refers to the results of Ayurvedic facelift massage as “orgasm face.” Pink cheeks, soft eyes, tangled post-scalp massage hair—it is, as Forness says, “the epitome of beauty—that fresh flush. The pleasure of being alive.” 
The following day one of my fellow editors mentions that my face is looking especially slim. The day after that I wake up, look in the bathroom mirror, and notice a huge reduction in under eye puffiness, which is an issue I’ve become really conscious of lately. I decide to cut my usually meticulous makeup routine down to a swoosh of blush and a bit of mascara, and head out the door feeling radiant. By lifting my face Candice Forness also managed to lift my mood and my self-esteem."

Esme Benjamin, Wellness Editor, for Culture Trip

"You are a MAGICIAN!"

George Cortina, Stylist

“I definitely saw a difference.  My face looked lifted and I looked like I’d slept for days.”

Inez van Lamsweerde, Photographer

"When she was done, I was a convert. Something had happened. Looking at my face in the bathroom mirror afterwards, my 25-year-old self smiled back at me. It was more than a glow. My face had lost its hardness, its fatigue and its perpetual resting bitch face. After session two, my lips felt fluffier. By session four, I saw a more pronounced jawline. After session six, I was dutifully practicing the lion pose expression that she explained would help things stay lifted."

Jane Larkworthy, Writer, for W magazine


"the image that is staring back at me at the end of my 90-minute session leaves no room for skepticism. My cheeks appear higher, my jawline sharper, my eyes clearer; flushes of color beam from the tops of my cheeks, temples, the crown of my forehead—as if I just spent hours in the sun instead of a cool dark room. I do, in fact, look younger, in that I look rejuvenated and happy"

Kate Branch, Writer, for Vogue magazine


"It was incredible to see how lifted, toned, and smooth my face was at the end of the treatment. And my entire body was relaxed and restored, like I'd had the best night of sleep. I felt, as Forness explained to me, "lifted up—mind, body, and spirit"

Kate Donovan, Style Director, brides.com

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