I believe in beauty.

Holistic Beauty Specialist: Multidimensional beauty.  Catering to the mind, body, and spirit, the whole being.

skin care, Ayurvedic facelift massage, makeup art, mens grooming, energy work, air brush, body painting, shirodhara, facial marma point stimulation, light hair upon request.  Available for stills, motion, events, celebrations, ritual, and custom experiences.    


Ayurvedic/Natural facelift masseuse, Reiki Master member of IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals), and energy healer from The Art of Energetic Healing School (still in attendance with the first ever group in master classes).  Trained in airbursh, Ayurvedic shirodhara, and published writer.


Fine Art (Tulane NOLA), classic and stage trained professional dancer (international touring member of Talent America), 3 years assisting/internship, 16 years professional makeup artist NYC/US and international.  

*special skills:  organic soap making / perfume / botanicals / aromatherapy / ritual / can drive standard.  

How may I be of service to your highest good?  Please contact for questions and details!

+1 (347) 645 0521 



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